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Comtri started in 1989 as a training company providing weapons training. The main customers where the Swedish military, security companies and the Swedish national police. The first shooting range was constructed for our own use. Soon it was discovered that that maintaining a shooting range was something else then using it. Airborne lead and lead dust from the bullet traps was the main issue. To solve the problem with lead dust leaking out of the bullet traps we designed a new bullet trap that worked as a fume hood. Today we have built over 50 shooting ranges to military, police and civilian customers with this system.


Airborne lead from primer compound and bullets where taken care of by using encapsulated bullets and lead free primers. “Lead free” indoor range ammunition was scares and expensive back then so we started reloading to secure the training ammunition we needed. Also this activity was noticed by our customers and soon after we started we were suppling not only training but also training ammunition to our customers.


In mid-90,s we won our first government contract and where then producing millions of rounds. This was an intense period. The machines had to work, there was really no time for stopping the production. Tool changes, maintenance and any improvements on the production equipment where mainly done at night time since everything had to be running the next morning. Crashes with stuck cases or bullets and sometimes damaged tools or other parts costed valuable production time. Struggling with a small bench top type of loading machines made it obvious that something else was needed.


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